About Nick Listo

The work I make is utilitarian in nature and is generally atmospherically fired. I grew up in a family that is deeply entrenched in the television industry. This led to movies, television, and visual story telling being a big part of my life. So big in fact, that I went to college for film and got a degree in television production. I began making pots during my undergraduate career. While I worked in the studio I found my pots beginning to take on aspects from characters in the movies I enjoyed. The characters that captured my attention don't always fit the hero stereotype. They carry out their duty because they have to, there is no other choice. There is beauty in loyalty and duty. This mentality began to show itself on the work I began to make. I was drawn to wood fired pots and the wood kilns ability to imprint the story of the firing process upon the pots themselves. The appearance of withstanding the test of time with dignity and grace are qualities I try to capture with my pots.