Nick Listo

I consider myself a potter. My craft is practiced and honed from daily studio practice at my current residency program at Cub Creek Foundation in Appomattox, Virginia. That being said, I am awestruck by the forces of nature. A strong interest exploring and looking at local geology is something I have never been able to control. I believe this to be the main driving force for my current body of work. Finding the perfect balance between rough rocky texture and a smooth feel in the hand is my goal. I want my work to be visually engaging that evokes a sense of adventure. I want the user to be engaged with my work and want to explore its surfaces. This forces the user to become intimate with the object that is used on daily basis. 

I attempt to harness these geologic forces by using wood kilns. My goal is to use the flame pathways and high temperature affect my pots in a manner that reflects these rocky formations and mountain pathways I adore so much.